'Happy' Diwali

By Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I haven't posted much this month, to be precise only one post and that was just the result of my late night boredom. I have been at home since the last 2 weeks, and all I did was - eat, sleep and then eat some more ! There is no other feeling like being at home , I can stay home in my sweatpants for as long as you can think of. I don't even feel like going out when I am at home. Okay, may be I get a little bored sometimes but getting bored is still better than getting all dressed up and going out.

I like Diwali for only two things - new clothes and lots of sweets ! The endless fire crackers only give me migraine. I remember someone came up with light-only fire crackers, Where are they dude ?

Though this time it does not really feel like Diwali, may be because my mind is in a whole different dimension or may be because I just think too much. Whatever it is, I am not going to behave like a buzz kill anymore.

Have a HAPPY DIWALI everyone :)

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  1. Happy Diwali gal... things may not always be rosy but lets use these holidays as a turning point to aim higher and laugh more... :I -> :D

    1. Laugh more :D
      Now THAT I can do ;)

      Happy Diwali to you too !

  2. When at home for vacation, I too used to just eat,sleep,eat and sleep some more. Good old single days.. Now with a toddler I can't do that. And dressing up is the part I hate most about going out.
    Enjoy your stay at home !! and wish you a sweet and light-only Diwali :)

  3. Wishing You a Very Happy Dipawali!

  4. Happy Diwali :) Hope you had awesome time.

  5. Keep this going please, great job!