Breaking Dawn Part 2 - A Review

By Friday, November 23, 2012

The last part of The Twilight Saga finally released in India today. It is the fifth film of the whole series based on Stephenie Meyer's books that go by the same name.

Though the film looks pretty promising, it will only interest a Twilight fan, someone who has watched all the other parts before. And if you haven't, don't try going you won't understand anything going on.

In the concluding part of the whole series, Bella (Kristen Stewart)  finally turns into a vampire and gives birth to a baby girl who is half vampire and half human. ( Okay I know all the normal people are laughing their guts out right now! )
It was really great to see Bella in a whole different light. She was stronger, determined and definitely not confused for the first time. As for her daughter Renesmee( Mackenzie Foy), because she was half vampire by birth she grows at an exponential rate. I saw an interview of Mackenzie where she explained how the makers wanted the same face as the little girl grew up so they literally stuck her face on a small kid's body. I know it sounds weird, but it looked pretty believable on the screen.

At the end of the previous movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) imprinted on Renesmee. When a wolf imprints on someone, it is his true love. The idea of Jacob falling for Bella's daughter totally grossed me out. I mean seriously, first he was in love with Bella and now her daughter ! (I guess it's a normal thing in the wolf-vampire world)

When Volturi, A.K.A The Italian Vampire Head, A.K.A, the main villain hears about Bella's child he comes with his full force to kill her. This marks the beginning of an epic battle between the Volturi and Co. and the Cullens and Co. What happens is pretty interesting but I am not going to give it away in case you are going to go watch it. All I can say is that I was a little disappointed.

Also, the closing credits were very nice, each and every character from all the parts was given credit. The closing song was so soothing I almost didn't want to get up and leave.

I am not commenting anything about the performances here, because well it's Twilight. Kristen Stewart and Pattinson had the same blank face and Taylor Lautner had the same cunning smile.

All in all, it was a nice movie. I wouldn't say I loved it but it was nice.

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  1. for some reason, after watching the first part itself, I gave up on the series... forget the acting , the direction in that movie was so bad !!

    And well... compare this trio of 'actors' with the Potter trio : you need more CGI to get Kristen Stewart to act !!!

    1. I have only watched it for Taylor Lautner or to be more specific Taylor Lautner's Abs :D :D

  2. I need to watch the first part too :(

    1. Part 1 ? It was honestly boring. You can watch both of these days and just fast forward the part 1 ;)

  3. I have forgotten the first part now.. why do they take so long to make ..
    I am not a fan of twilight anymore I think they have extended it toooo much


    1. Yeah, I mean they made it according to the books but they definitely shouldn't have broken down Breaking Dawn into two parts.

      I'm thinking to go watch Life Of Pi now :D

  4. loved the line "It was really great to see Bella in a whole different light. She was stronger, determined and definitely not confused for the first time"

    i liked the movie. i feel as compared to d last part of potter series this was better as they killed all the interesting things from the book in the movie.

    and ya those who have read the books would like d movie more den someone who has not followed the series.

    1. Seriously Dikshal, I took my friend along and he asked so many questions about the movie
      How did she get pregnant ? What is wrong with her baby ? Why is that wolf guy crazily in love with that kid ?