Making Mistakes

By Wednesday, October 17, 2012 ,

We are all embarrassed about atleast some parts of our past, the mistakes we have done, the people we chose to let into our lives and the hideous clothes we thought were really cool to be worn on a first date.
There is always a wish if we could go back in time and undo all the wrong. If only life had a delete history button like my Chrome browser !

To err is definitely human but sometimes the errs, I mean the mistakes are a little hard to handle. It might be easy to get forgiveness, but forgiving yourself is a whole different story. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. We might justify ourselves to others, but deep down we all know what we did was really right or not. And deep down we know exactly what we deserved.

But luckily, we meet people who believe in second chances, who believe in you more than you believe in yourself and who believe you are a better person than you think of yourself.

I have probably made a lot of mistakes, and by that I really mean A LOT. But I have learnt from each one of them, I am not proud of them but they have definitely made me stronger and a better person. I have learnt to let go of the anger I have for myself. I have learnt to respect myself.
Because our mistakes don't make us the person we are, its what we learn from them that defines who we are.

Have a great day

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  1. i was gonna press the 'LIKE' button but then I saw the 453,000 likes already so felt really insignificant :)

    from a guy who has suffered a lot for taking peoples word at face value and has seen more nonsense than even Hindi Films can imagine, let me assure you - if you have gotten thru it, you will carry scars of the past. but thats all they are - scars.
    If one person who knows u believes in your 'goodness' that is more important than the negativity and bitchiness of a hundred voices that may look to drown u without knowing u

  2. I dont know what was wrong with it, so I removed it :P

    I guess some scars do carry you life long. But all we can do is, move on and believe in ourselves..

  3. Oh believe me the amount of mistakes I have made in life , no one can make those . I have this special penchant of getting sucked in my people who love to make a fool of others .. did i learn from them Well sometimes I have .. and other times the other party has been VERY goood ... accolades to them

    and yes its what we learn from those mistakes that make us .. and I am ME. :)


    1. I also beleive that make sure you always remember those mistakes .. its when we forget them that we make them again..

    2. There are just so many mistakes, its hard to keep track of them Bikram :P :P

  4. Who doesn't commit mistakes but as you have said most important is to learn from them and move on. :)

  5. making mistakes is common and like you say define and shape us. But not repeating them, learning from it and yes moving on is a must. nice post gal

  6. Loved the concluding lines of the post! Mistakes indeed makes one stronger and wiser!

  7. No, those hideous clothes were part of the package. You have no right to be ashamed of the person that you were then. It is somewhat like feeling ashamed of wetting and soiling the bed when an infant.

    That said, there are times when we do feel sorry of certain decisions across the path of life. Again though, there is no way we can be sure that the alternate that we now think would have been better, would have left us in a better shape. I guess, we all need to look ahead and retrieve whatever is possible.

    1. That's so true umashankar :)
      Agree with everything you said !

  8. Excellent post to read in a fresh morning like i have did now. It was like having a hot coffee and getting up fresh for the new challenges of the day and leaving what ever mistakes we had did knowingly/unknowingly behind but surely after learning from it. . :)

  9. Hi Ritika,

    I stumbled upon your blog at a time when I am going through a turbulence in my life caused by my own "mistakes". I do gratify myself. I do it a lot. I try to focus myself to much prettier things. But sometimes I feel completely stuck.

    I feel how can I do such a 'mistake' when I had promised I would never do that.

    It really crazy.

    Good post...loved reading it :)

    1. Hi Bikash,

      I think it takes a few wrongs to realise the right in our lives ;)

      really sorry for the late reply, will mail you back too:)