Foodie Friday - The Chocolate Room

By Friday, October 26, 2012

The Chocolate Room is certainly one of my favorite places to visit , everything here is made up of chocolate! Apart from the usual desserts there are chocolate pizzas, fondues and what not. I never thought there could be so much chocolate in one single shop.

Disclaimer : Pictures are a bit crappy, if you want me to take better pictures please provide funding so that I can buy a better phone and click amazing pictures


The ambiance is very soothing, the whole interior has been done keeping chocolate in mind. I love the red sofas with chocolate brown cushions !

There is a little gift counter where you can buy little chocolates as gifts. OR you could steal when nobody is looking (No, I did not, cross my heart and hope to die !)

This is Chocolate Lava-Lava probably one of my favorite desserts, if you ever order this at Chocolate Room make sure you are not alone because there is no way you can eat the whole thing all by yourself :)

Hope you have a chocolate-y weekend

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  1. Yummy, you've got my mouth watering Ritika :) :) :)
    It is a fine place with good ambiance.
    Although, I somehow found the desserts of Dangeedums to be of a higher taste. Don't know if it has opened shop in Indore or not.
    Nice and delicious post :)



    1. No it isn't here in Indore :(

      Hopefully they will open soon !

  2. I am a chocoholic.So this place is like heaven for me.I love how they put up chocolate quotes on the wall.Good post!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. You should definitely visit once Upasana. They have outlets in a lot of cities :)

  3. oooh la la la .. I loved reading about it and am sure to try it if i can :)


  4. And I was thinking I have to eat this alone :D

  5. hey ! went to choc room @delhi was awesome. Though i am not a v big choc fan, my friend is. Even then, i loved it. Thanks for the info ;)