English Vinglish - A Review

By Saturday, October 06, 2012

I had wanted to watch this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. It had a freshness in it plus it being Sridevi's comeback gave me all the more reasons to watch it. I have no idea how she still looks so amazing at this age, no cracks, just nothing !

The story is about a typical Indian housewife, who makes sure her kids go to the best schools, get the best education and are well versed in English. Being from a hindi medium school, she knew how important it was to make her kids completely well spoken in English. But as the time paces, her family treats her like an outsider, rather an illiterate just because she cannot speak or understand English well. The story takes a refreshing turn when Sridevi goes to New York to visit her sister for a few weeks, and there she decides to take a crash course in English. She meets new people, including a French rendezvous.

The direction and story are both very genuine and very refreshing. The whole New York shooting has been done from an Indian point of view, how a new comer can become completely addled when he first sees such huge sky scrappers and never ending subways. Sridevi did a tremendous job, her acting is so amazing I honestly have no words. Also, I just couldn't take my eyes off her cotton sarees and leather bags. The music also need a special mention here, all of the songs were really good, well written, moved the story alonng. I just can't stop humming the title track !

Its a kind of movie you would want to take your mother to. We all have made fun of our mothers at some point or other when she couldn't pronounce a word right. But it's not their fault they were busy raising us while the world moved on. My mother has been trying to work her way round facebook and she called me the other day to ask me where the DOT is. I didn't understand for a few seconds what she was saying but then I realized she was asking me where the DOT (.) on the keyboard is ! She had typed in facebook but she couldn't find the dot symbol to write the complete website address. Of course, I laughed hard that time, but now I don't feel so good. My father challenged her she couldn't work through internet last month. Now, she shops half of her stuff online and pays through my father's card. So all in all, what I learned is you don't challenge mothers, because they can do things you can only imagine.

This is probably the best movie of 2012 for me so far, there was not even a single second where the movie went flat or boring. And I really recommend it to everyone and their moms :)

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  1. I so want to take my mom to this movie!

    I've read a review. I was shocked to know that sree devi's daughter is ashamed to introduce her mom to her friends.

    I am proud of my mom. When my friends come to our home they appreciate my mother's cooking skills and I can see that her confidence picks up and she feels so happy.

    She doesn't know english and so has trouble to follow movies and gets bored when I keep HBO or star movies on TV. I used to often fight for watching english channels. I will remember not to do this from now on.

    Nice review by you. My mother doesn't know a thing about computer and my parents don't have accounts in Facebook. Thank god for that!

    1. Haha, both mum and dad have taken over Facebook
      I still haven't added them, though :P :P

  2. will certainly take my mom to this one :)

    1. Tell me if she likes it Prateek

    2. Saw it yesterday with mum and she LOVED it. I too loved it. Both of us left the theatre smiling vhiling. :) Thanks.
      I told her how i had come across this review on a blog I was following and she asked me to thank you too. :)

    3. Awwww...really ?
      Thanks Prateek

  3. I am actually looking forward to watching this movie lovely review makes me wanna watch it more..

  4. I have been reading many great reviews about the movie. Will soon catch it.