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By Friday, October 12, 2012 ,

I don't know what kept me from writing for this long. I was nervous and scared and I have no idea why. This  blogger screen to write new posts actually puts you under a lot of pressure ( Atleast me under a lot of pressure). So I always jot down my thoughts on a paper and then type it on. But off late, I haven't been able to even do that. When I started this blog, it was like my weird little place where I could whine about anything and no body would care, because well, nobody would be interested to read it in the first place. I never expected so many people would turn up and appreciate it. A few people actually told me I write pretty well. And that was THE biggest surprise for me.

I mean I had rather believe I look good. And trust me, I do not look good.

So all in all, its been great. But now that I know some of the people who read my blog are the ones I have known personally, its get a bit difficult to write. I am constantly nervous, there have been so many times I tried to write and stopped half way. But I guess to get through your fear, you actually have to face it.

Also, I read a lot of books this week, romantic novels. I have no idea why and please don't judge me because I have already been criticizing them (here). It started with a few innocent reads and then it just grew on me. I couldn't keep it down. I get so tensed and worried when the climax comes up and the guy and the girl are fighting and drifting apart that I just have to read the ending otherwise I am not able to finish the book. If I don't like the ending or the ending is really sad. I throw the book to the other end of the world ! Okay, its a bit dramatic I agree but why would I read it when even a fictional world can't have a happy ending ?
I sometimes wish we could do that with our lives, see what our happy ending really is and then go back and suffer through all the stupid problems. It would be so much easier.

Out of all the books I read, I heart New York was hands down my favorite. It's about a girl who gets cheated on by her fiance, she hops on the next plane available and lands in New York. It's about how she struggles in a new land, a new country and finds a new life. It's very funny and very quirky, I finished it cover to cover, just couldn't keep it down.

Hope you have a great day

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  1. Nice post Ritika :)
    Now that you've mentioned it, even I feel the same quite a few times. With all those readers, the bar is set higher everytime. People keep saying 'the previous one was better, you finished this one in haste' and more. Quite a challenge but it has to be faced and dealt with.
    Nice review of the book.
    So, keep posting Ritika :D

  2. I've been writing since 2005. trust me, that makes me like 95 years old in 'blog years'.. so trust me when I say this. Over time,you will find your style evolving.. my first posts were silly and personal and full of tabloid news on Paris Hilton... now after 7 years, I've changed so much that my posts are only silly and personal. It took me 7 years but ta-daaaa :)
    Surely, you can do better than that ...

    1. Silly and personal, that won't be so tough for me :D

  3. You seem to like chicklits like that of Sophie Kinsella's like me.

    So I am going to grab this one as you suggested it. What else did you read?

    1. I actually read the whole 'I heart' series, this was the first one and so it was my favorite

      there is...
      I heart NY
      I heart Hollywood
      I heart Paris
      I heart Vegas
      I heart London

      And I did read all of them, they are the journey of the same girl across different places. Very funny..you should definitely give it a read

  4. You write very well. Please don't be nervous. You have or will develop your own writing style. I Heart New York is such a fun read. Angela felt very real to me.

    By the way, are you recovered from your food poisoning? Please take care.

    1. I am much better now, SG. Had a great lunch :)

      Have you read the other books by Lindsey Kelk ? Which one was your favorite ?
      She blogs too, I love reading about her everyday embarrassments ;)

  5. I enjoy reading you (though honestly, I read your posts at a stretch - like last night I read 4-5 posts together!) :) So please write more often!
    You are on a reading spree, no? whee!

    I read about dal baati in an earlier post about it being your sunday food. and coincidence? I was wodnerign what it is when K and I watched "Zaika India ka- Indore" hosted by Vinod Dua on NDTV. Indore is beckoning to me now!What lovely street food you have Ritika! Sigh.

    1. I have officially given up on romantic novels, they mess with my head :|

      And you just HAVE to try the street food here, those photos do not do any justice

  6. Ritika, reading your blog with my morning cuppa kaapi! Loving it! Subscribed :D

    1. Thanks a lot Poonam :)
      So sorry for the late reply :(