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By Tuesday, September 04, 2012

When the Guwahati incidence happened, a lot of bloggers came out and talked about it. I didn't, because I always get a little uncomfortable trying to write about such matters. But something happened here in Indore that triggered me to write this post. I thought no one else would write about it because the media did not pay much attention to it and I just had to.

On Thursday,23rd August, an innocent guy was stabbed to death because he tried to save a girl from some eve teasers.
The whole incident happened INSIDE the college premises and nobody cared to interfere till the guy started bleeding profusely.

There were some guys trying to misbehave with a girl, and when two guys like the nice guys they were came up in her defense, they were brutally stabbed for trying to 'come in between'. What's more shocking, is that when the stabbed and poorly bleeding guy was taken to the Police Station for complaint, the police did not care. They were busy 'doing paperwork' .

The guy died outside the Police Station due to excessive bleeding.
The eve teasers are still out smiling, because according to them money and power can get you out of anything.

This statement was issued by the college management :

"They were found creating nuisance in the college and stabbed one of the students. So, the management has suspended them,"
There are people protesting, they have closed off all the colleges in the city. But how is that an answer to this whole problem ?
These guys could not even get expelled from college, how are they ever going to end up in jail for what they did ?
What worries me even more is that now there would be guys thinking how easy it is to get away with all this, and eve teasing might get more prominent than it already is. I get it when people say you are not safe in public places or public buses but now even colleges aren't safe anymore.

What are your views about this incident ?

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  1. So damn true.....Who would have ever thought that the Indori 'Bhiyas' were capable of these horrible acts...! Sadly, this is not the first case of inhumanity in this city....
    Maybe you can relate to one of my posts, though from a boy's point of view..

    1. You know people here can be really furious when it comes to their pride, even when caught by the Traffic Police. They would rather try to boast about who they are than just accept their mistakes.

      Plus its weird how everyone says they have connections with the CM ! I wonder how does CM handle so many connections :P

  2. In India we are too afraid to say what we feel is right. We will say thing in public what all the people will feel right. We are always told don't fight bcz u can't win, at least trying is important....
    salaute to that man who tried... and saddest part few people will call him fool, few will call him brave but no body will do anything about it...

    1. You know, the things..we don't want to get in the middle of things.
      And that is where the problem starts, you can't expect police to be standing there waiting for the crime to happen. Its our responsibility too, somewhere

  3. Didn't hear about this incident anywhere - not in papers, not in news and that's how our media reports. This is such a sorry state... no body actually cares and that horrifies me.

    1. That was why I wrote about this Jas. This is just horrible

  4. These incidents have just been increasing Punam over the last one year and this is just one small example.
    A few months back a woman was raped by atleast ten people in front of her husband on the highway ! And no body cared to help...

  5. sad.. but not surprising. And thats probably the saddest part. We've grown numb. We just turn the page, say 'its not our problem' and walk away. The culprits are so assured their political hold will escape, they can brazenly walk away.
    What is a suspension ? It means nothing to them.

    1. Exactly !
      Infact suspension is even better, they don't have to care about going to college now and they will still get their degrees at the end of the year !

  6. shocking indeed; I don't remember reading this elsewhere. Sheer apathy and insensitivity and also the fact that the perpetrators know fairly well that money and power can get them out. Justice- where art thou ? sigh

    1. I just don't understand this Priya. It all happened in front of several people and still the police is saying it does not have any evidence !

      It's just pathetic,this country is going down instead of making progress

  7. I had read this post last night itself, but had problems commenting from my phone..

    Right what needs doing is , to catch hold of these students and then made a example of them, made to stand in middle of college , stripped naked and BEATEN..

    Things have changed so much over time, when i was a student, eve teasing etc was still there BUT I can tell you one thing In my college NO ONE dared do that , because they knew if we got to know , they will have their leg or arms broken.. and moreover people had other better things to do then go eve teasing..

    I mean what sort of boys are these dont they have women in their own home , do they do the same to their mother or sisters ..

    suspending is worst , it would have been better had they got nothing, suspension is like another slap on everyone

    then we go on shouting at top of our voice that india is shining , is this what it is shining , is this what all the technological revolution and development brought to our nation, it would have been better if were back in old era..

    disgracefull , I dont know why but such incidents make me so angry, WHAT the hell are the rest of the MEN doing in that college , is that what MEN do watch someone getting killed because they tried to do something good..

    I feel ashamed sometimes calling myself a MAN..


    1. I hear you. It's the very reason I dont like getting involved in college activities. Some of the guys are totally pathetic. Plus the colleges do not have the nerve to take an action against them because of their power. And the sad part is, these men do win at the end somehow.
      The situation in Indore is degrading by everyday. Luckily because of my friends I never had to face any problems but its just scary sometimes.
      You know,I was at Mahakaleshwar Mandir, Ujjain few weeks ago and the temple was completely crowded but still this man I think he was probably 60+ tried to misbehave with me. I yelled so badly at him, he was so embarrassed he couldnt say anything an just ran in the other direction