The Fairy Tale Notion

By Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every girl's childhood is filled with stories of princesses, Barbies and Rapunzels.
Its surprising how almost every fairy tale begins with a poor little lonely girl living in a wrecked house and ends with her living in a huge palace, with a handsome king and ofcourse never ending money !

For what I believe, these fairytales instill a very wrong notion in a kid's mind. When you are giving a little girl a fairy tale book with these stories, you are basically telling her she only needs to be beautiful with gorgeous hairs to have endless money and a man of her dreams. Mothers teach their daughters about never being vain about themselves but aren't they saying the exact opposite thing when they give out these fairy tale books ?

I don't blame the parents here, not at all. I blame each and every person who thinks it is all right for kids to read age old stories about palaces, tiaras and beautiful gowns. And I feel this is the reason why a lot of girls turn into hopeless romantics when they grow older, while the boys are still kind of normal ( Thank God!)
I have heard a lot of girls say how they are waiting for their 'Prince Charming' which literally makes me want to puke. There is no Prince Charming, life is not a fairy tale, grow up !

This is probably the main reason why Kate Middleton is so popular, Because she lived a fairy tale dream of almost every girl in the world. She got to be a Princess. It was not exactly a rags to riches story, she was already pretty loaded but still when she wore that Alexander Mcqueen gown and walked down the aisle to get a married, I am sure a lot of girls almost skipped a beat (may be guys too)

I have always hated these fairy tales every since I was small. And if someday I wanted to be a princess, I would go and buy my own tiara, and pretend I am the princess of my own world. I certainly won't need any prince for that.
Its 2012, I think its time for us to ditch these ever so old stories and make our new ones.
May be one where a girl called Ritika has her own digital empire with loads of money and a handful of gorgeous princes :D

A very funny picture I found on the internet

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  1. at best, we can own a range of farms in farmville.

    for the rest, alas! too much effort...


  2. Well good post but i disagree on some points, Nyways FOTOS r jst superb, hats off to u as u found a mind blowing fotos

    1. Haha, I know right ?

      What do you not agree to now Ambar ? :P

  3. I think not being practical while instilling the notions is the issue here. Very nice post.

    1. I know Jas, you give small girls these fairy tale because and when they are little old enough you tell them to not be vain, and concentrate on their studies because you want them to be independent. I mean you are literally confusing the kid here !

    This is going to make you happy ! Just like everything else, even our fairy tales have been tweaked in order to coax us into believing the unreal things in life. The truth always fades out with time. Is it so bad to be a romantic ? I mean, I still believe that everybody has this latent love for everyone else and I also believe that the world is a beautiful place if you try to see it as beautiful! Maybe i am wrong, but hell ! Who cares. That's what I think. :P . And ya ofcourse one cannot behave like a sleeping beauty waiting for your prince to come and kiss you. That is heights of escapism that even an acute escapist like me would tut-tut.
    Also, take a look at these photographs, this guy has shot some real masterpieces:

  5. I hope you are well!
    I am someone who believes there is a Prince Charming for all of us... there are some villins as well. I feel that fairytales help teach children to go after true love and not settle for abusive or loveless relationships. On the other hand, I also think that we should not disillusion our children to think that life will be perfect all the time. I guess it is all about balance.

    I really like your blog! Take care