Lots Of Things -2

By Sunday, September 30, 2012

Past two days have been really torturing, and no matter how sane I try to keep myself, I just end up shouting. I hate being 'fake nice' to people especially when all I want to do is box them right into their face. Also, I studied 'Boxing' in Java yesterday, what a nice coincidence, don't you think so ?
Talking about Java, I started programming from C++ . There were some crank heads who said 'You should learn HTML, it's really important'. But come on, who really uses HTML, it's so 90's ! 

Apparently, our dear Blogger likes being 90's, something (Something = I have no idea) went really wrong with my blog's HTML and now there are no spaces between my blog post titles. I tried everything, the last option I have is to change the template which I really don't want to do. Not because it's the best but because I have had a habit of seeing my blog this way and now no matter matter how many new templates I try it just doesn't feel like my blog. Anyhow, I am trying this dots between the words thing until I get an expert ( Expert = someone who knows even slightly more than me) to work out this problem.

Tragedies this week in bullet points :
(Just because they are tragedies doesn't mean I should mourn about them in really long paragraphs. Grow up ! Seriously, how do you read such small font, I put it just to annoy people :P )

  • My mother used my 40% discount coupon without even telling me
  • I don't know how to make maggi, I make hideous maggi. Honestly, I can't cook anything nicely. God bless my rommate and my sister and may they cook forever for me. Amen !
  • I had to read a Java ebook last night but instead I started reading a novel. I didn't just read one novel, I read three. By the time I finished the third one it was 7am in the morning. I have only slept for three hours, but I am only slightly cranky (SLIGHT !)
  • Sunday is my 'Dal Baati' day. But for some people a stupid cricket match with India v/s Pakistan is more important. So I am back to eating my hideous maggi
  • My laptop has started getting overly heated and I have to use this annoying cooling pad. Does anyone know a kind of a cooling pad which I could keep on my lap and not get cut by the fan knives ?
  • I am bored of the 30 day blog challenge ( No comments on this one !)

But atleast the books I spent all night on were really good. They were romantic comedies, usual chick literature. I don't go for them normally but once I picked it up I just couldn't keep it down. I read the Twenties Girl, Can You Keep A Secret and Undomestic Goddess , all by Sophie Kinsella.
Twenties Girl was my complete favorite. It's about a girl who starts seeing his Great Aunt Saddie's ghost, a young version of her like she was in the 1920's. The book was fast pace, almost like a movie, I loved the peppiness of Saddie. MUST READ !
Can You Keep A Secret was kind of a romantic story, not my genre again but Kinsella has a way of gripping her readers. I don't know how she does it but even when you know what's going to happen in the end you just still want to continue reading.
I definitely recommend it to all the girls. Guys, don't even try, you'll probably be cursing me till the end of your life

Hope you had a better weekend than me

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  1. Sophie Kinsella is one of my fav authors.I loved the books you have mentioned here!Can imagine how you could read them back to back!

    No space between word in title! Blogger does stupid things most of the time!!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. Blogger is total crazy :|

      Which are you other favorites ? I am on a book marathon these days, need recommendations :)

  2. Bored with the 30 day challenge?? LOL :D
    Its fun when 2-3 bloggers do it together... so the inspiration, motivation and challenge is high!
    As for the Cooling Pad for the laptop... now that you have already bought one, so the best is to buy a laptop table. Guess you are keeping the laptop on your lap/bed and not on table... so go for that....its available at Indiatimes shopping for 1999. Ideal for working on bed with cooling pad! :D

    1. No, its just, it binds me to a topic everyday. Sometimes I want to write about totally different things.

      And thanks for the recommending, I'll definitely search it online :)

  3. Dont know how to make Maggi!!!

    1. Haha!! My maggi too comes soggy. Maybe I put too much water. Glad to find someone of my own kind.

      I listened to audiobooks of 'can you keep a secret?' and 'undomestic goddess'. Nice gripping chicklits. I like shopaholic series too. I like Sophie Kinsella. She writes neat novels.

    2. Hahaha..I do my hit and trials ! Sometimes its really good and sometimes its all like a khichdi !

      I haven't ever heard audio books, I just cant concentrate on sound for so long :/ (I know, sounds stupid :\)

      What are the other books you have read, I am really digging into this genre !

    3. I am not sure. Cecelia Ahern comes to my mind.

      But I know many books of medical fiction. I have a fad with doctors. So I read Robin Cook and Eric Segal's 'doctors'.

      I wasn't into the idea of audiobooks. But I downloaded Sophie Kinsellas's audio book for free and I am hooked onto audiobooks. My bus ride is for one hour and I plug earphones and get transferred to Sophie's shopoholic series not heeding the traffic.

    4. You knowwww, thats such a great idea Aparna !
      I travel in college bus too and it gets really hard to concentrate on the book while the bus is moving :/

      I am definitely downloading a few audio books today :D

  4. HTML is not really important unless you study CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc etc also! With all these, your 90's HTML becomes modern '12 script. :D

    Best you continue your Java Programming; C++ is limited. Java's cup of coffee never empties!

    And I am happy that I know how to make maggi! :D :D

    1. Exactly Kushagra ! I am just hoping I won't have to deal with HTML again