Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Friday, September 07, 2012

There is a family function, everyone is dancing. You turn to see your parents and as you expected they are doing the most embarrassing dance moves ever. All you can do is look up and pray to God it won't be you in the next 20 years. (NOTE : It will be you in the next 20 years !)

My maternal grandmother (my mother's mother) was in town for a day and I went to give her a visit. She is so much full of life, always in an active mode. She has crossed 65, a heart patient but she still runs in her house faster than you ever can. Always smiling and charged up.

For eternity, I have seen how different my mother and my grandmother are. Infact how different I am from my mother, we always have our disagreements and then we agree to disagree. But when I saw my grandmother talking to some other people yesterday, it suddenly hit me. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. EXACTLY THE SAME !

Honestly, I couldn't breathe for a moment. Realizing I am going to be just like my mother in the next 20 years is not such a good feeling. I mean I love my mom and all but I don't want to be exactly like her (No, I NEVER want to be like her. )

But then how could I never notice all the things we have in common, we behave exactly the same, we talk in  exactly the same way. Yeah, I knew we had the same gene, but I never realized it would be so obvious !

Traits me, my mother and my grandmother share :

  • Price-tagging (And Brand-ing) : If you ask us, or compliment us about something we are wearing, we are bound to tell the exact price along with the brand. I don't know why I do that, its seriously annoying but then I can never stop my self too. I mean if you compliment my watch shouldn't I nicely explain its DKNY and it cost me 5 grand :D

  • Hyperventilating : Yes,we panic a little, sometimes. Okay who am I kidding, you should see my mother and grandmother when there is a party at home. It's like a do or die situation for them.

  • We know better : Or shall I put it, We ALWAYS know better. 

  • In an argument, we always win : Refer to the above point please

  • Hanging up the phone : Yes, we hang up the phone after saying our thing. If you want to say yours, you'll just have to call back you know

  • Never satisfied with their daughters : But will still always say over the top things in front of others even when they aren't true ( My mother still says I got 95% in my boards exams when I only got 90 !)

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Have you ever feared you will end exactly like your parents ?

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  1. yeah. My dad. And i am like a replica already. Freaks me out. :)

  2. I have my moms looks but my dads behaviour. While that means I get his sense of humour, it also means I inherit his sense of naivete which, believe me, has screwed us both over the years

    1. haha
      Me and my mom have a similar problem, we can almost fight everywhere ;)

  3. ha ha :) I fear that... a morbid one at that.

  4. I can so relate to this coz I am turning like my MOM too! :D