Day 7 : About Zodiacs, Stars and Planets

By Friday, September 28, 2012

I know there are a lot of people who don't believe in zodiacs or astrology but being from a Brahmin family, all these views and beliefs have been passed down through generations. My father knows astrology, so did my grandfather and my great grandfather. I honestly find 'Vastu Shastra' more interesting than astrology because well, it's more predictable. You see a house with bad Vaastu and you can be sure the people living in it are doomed unless they do something to avoid it all, but you cannot look at someone's horoscope and give a 100% accurate prediction. An astrologer had said there was no way my sister could live beyond 10 years of age, she's 18 years old as of today all fit and very much alive.

I know I sound contradicting, at one side I am talking about my beliefs in astrology and at the other side I am dishing it out. Yes, its a very interesting science and some people do say stars and planets rule our lives but it's just impossible to believe. Our destiny is in our hands, nothing can beat hardwork, not even those stupid stars. I was checking my own horoscope out of boredness last week and I realized I had a very bad time going on, but its bound to change after February 2013. Yes, its true I have had a very bad year but it is also true that I had it coming. It was only because of my own mistakes and I certainly won't blame innocent planets for it.

Born 14th May, I am a Taurean by zodiac.

We taureans are really insulted by these zodiac websites, I didn't realise this until now. I mean just look at these words

obstinately and exasperatingly self righteous, unoriginal, rigid, ultraconservative,argumentative,querulous bored, stuck in a self-centered rut

May be some of them are really true but when you read those words again, there is a good quality hidden in each one of them. Yes, I am self righteous, there is nothing wrong with sticking to your own belief. This is what makes a strong personality. About unoriginal, somethings are just meant to be the way they are and I don't like to change them. I have been sleeping with a white blanket since the last 10 years and I like it that way. I am certainly not ultraconservative, but just a little. I'd rather use the word classy instead of conservative (Oh, it's really the SAME !). Ofcourse, I can be argumentative if you try to provoke me and say illogical, silly things that I would never ever agree upon. By the way, I am so not a querulous bore, yes I am a little querulous I can whine about things sometimes but how does that make me a bore ? And there is nothing wrong in being self centered when the people around you are just not interesting enough.

Finally, some good traits you will find in almost all the Taurus people :

  • Patience and Persistence 
  • Very Practical
  • Highly driven and determined
  • Ruled by the Planet Earth, ofcourse very grounded. 
  • Introverts
  • Good Looking (It's my list okay ? )

Have you come across any Taurus people ? Noticed any of these traits?

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  1. I fully agree with you. I don't write my cast but here I have to confess at least this much that I also belong to a Brahmin family and for the last so many years, been researching into Astrology. Whatever you have said is true.

    Every doctor does not / cannot, cure every patient but that does not make medical science false !!

  2. Sorry I forgot to give my address :

  3. sigh.. i fell in 'love' with a Taurean once.. scarred me for life :s
    you guys scare me now !!

    1. Hahaha
      I have been called 'mentally unstable' :P :P

    2. The bull I knew seemed totally stable.. didnt even realise I was 'wearing a red cloth' till I was gored :s
      ai yay yai.. and what a goring it was !!

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