Day 6 : My Favorite (Yummy) Things

By Thursday, September 27, 2012 ,

This blog post was supposed to be about my favorite things, but when I started jotting them I realised they were all food items (And no, I was not surprised ). So basically, this is about all the yummy delicious food I have given my heart to.

Before moving to Indore, I had a love for food but it went to a whole different level when I came here. I never knew people could be this passionate about their food, I always thought I was the only one. Thanks to genetics, I hardly ever gain weight. Because with the pace with which I eat, I would have easily been over a 100kgs.
And ofcourse, this is my favorite-est post ever, I can finally talk about food without anyone telling me to shut up. Well, you can't really yell through your computer, can you ? :D

Food I am completely in love with :
(The list has been produced after an extensive discussion, there were many worthy opponents who could not make the cut)
(If you want inspiration about healthy eating or have just started a diet, then this is not the place, divert yourself and close this page NOW)(Seriously, how did people live before brackets were invented ?)

  • Sizzling Brownie 
One of my favorite desserts in this whole world. You can get it at a lot of places but Cafe Coffee Day's beats all of them. It has a nutty brownie with sizzling hot chocolate sauce poured all over it along with vanilla ice cream on the top. You have to be really trained to eat it, otherwise you will just end up burning your tongue. But once you eat it, its like heaven in your mouth. Nothing can uplift your mood like this little delicious piece.

  • Ebony n Ivory
My second most favorite dessert. Its a lot like sizzling brownie but without the chocolate sauce. But I just have to say, their chocolate brownie is much better and softer. And the cute little way with which they garnish it just makes you want it more. If you pass by Pizza Hut, not having this will be a regret you will have for your entire life.

  • Pani Puri 
Now, this just had to be here, right ? We all have our patent street vendors where we eat and mine is half hour from where I live. But still I make sure I go there every other day. There are times when I literally wake up craving from them. I love pani puri's with hot 'chhole or matar' instead of potatoes. They taste so delicious with icy cold 'paani'. (Okay, I should not have written this post at night, just makes me want it more !)

  • McVeggie
This burger in McDonalds is probably the reason why they are still so famous in India. I don't know if its the bun inside or the mayonnaise or the cheese but it's simply irresistible. My entire family and friends are literally sick and tired or taking me to McDonald's. There have been times they advised me to leave this addiction, but true love can never be forgotten.

  • Masala Vada Pav
Vada Pav is the reason I wake up everyday smiling. If there is something that can substitute McVeggie in my life, then its our desi vada pav. It's the Indian answer to finger food. I like the spicy variation of it, with dry red chutney and lots of green chutney.


  • Butter Paneer Masala
Again one of my all time favorites, but there are only certain specific places where I eat it. Not everyone can get it right. If I had a choice to eat only a single dish everyday for a whole year then I would blindly choose this. 

  • Sabudana Khichdi
Now its really difficult for a passionate Indori to fast, so what do they do ? They invent yummy dishes you can have during the abstinence period. I have had the old boring Sabudana Khichdi back at home and I always thought it was made to test you during fasting. But it is a whole different dish here in Indore. It's a little sour, a little sweet, a little spicy with a lot of chips to add crispiness to the boring sabudana's. Also, you don't have to be on a fast to eat this ;)

  • Pav Bhaaji
I never really liked Pav Bhaaji that much, but then I went to Sarafa here in Indore and my view was completely changed. Sarafa is actually the main gold market here but after 8pm all the shops get closed and food stalls are opened in front of them for the whole night. There is this small Pav Bhaaji vendor that probably makes world's best Pav Bhaaji. You just have to eat it to believe it !

  • Dal Baati
Dal Baati choorma, probably needs no description. You have to be really stupid to hate it. My favorite one is from a small dhaba near Jaipur and also my grandmother makes amazing baatis 

  • Uncle Chips
Why is it on the list ? Well, technically it's a list of all of my favorite things. And my love for Uncle Chips has always been above everything. I have to eat atleast one packet everyday or my day just doesn't feel right. 
I want to meet the Uncle who invented these chips, and hug him!

What are your favorites ?? Do our favorite-s match ? (Please say they do !)

(All the images have been taken from Google other than the one(s) with the blog's hallmark)

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  1. you evil lady !!! you put this link up late at night !!! now stomach is also growling for more food and I have nothing here at home... unless... ( stares hungrily at pillow cover )

  2. Kya combination hai :-), but you need to get out of indore. Ccd brownies are worst of the lost. What abt johny hot dog and pattoes and baked samosa :-)

    Byw did you check out the jlebi post i sent u

    1. Haha, well as I said there were many worthy opponents who couldn't make the cut :P :P

      Its brownies basically depends on where you are eating, sometimes they do serve day old brownies :( :(

      And nooo, I didnt get anything ! You mail me back again ?

  3. Oh my god!! I am having the urge to pick a few things from the pics above!! Paani puri, McVegie burger, Sabudana Khichdi and Dal baati are my favorites from your list! :)

    1. Hehe..Shilpaaaa :D :D

      My sole purpose of writing this post at night has been fulfilled. I am making people hungry all over :P

  4. I love all the food items you have mentioned except that I don't know much about 'ebony and ivory'. I only have pizzas in pizza hut but I will give it a try this time. I am sure I will like it because we share the same favourites! Oh shoot...these might be all-time-favourites of every foodie

    These pictures are making me hungry. All because of you I shall pester my mom to make mutter paneer tomorrow.

  5. You hit the target spot-on Ritika.
    The whole list matches and my stomach is especially grumbling for ebony n ivory. It looks delicious :)
    Yummy :)



  6. Right when I am feeling so hungry, I chanced upon your post.... so much more hungry now... :(

    1. Hehe Jas :D :D

      I'll send over some virtual brownies to you :P

  7. when i read the Pani Puri Heading .. My mouth went watery like fall .. the best invention by an indian ever ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :) -- and Indore's Special Sabudana khichdi -- even though i never fast coz 'm a complete BUKKAD -- Can't even imagine my life without chappan and late night sarafa.... :)

    1. I eat it every other day for apparently no reason :P

    2. i eat it every wednesday... thanks to my mum she keeps fast every wednesday :)