Day 3: Favorite TV Shows

By Monday, September 24, 2012 ,

Okay, third consecutive post. I am starting to feel the pressure now. There are 'madlis' in my neighborhood blasting bhajans like they are some Pitbull songs. Its Ganesh Chaturthi but they have sung about almost every god that exists in our Hindu Mythology.

Anyway, this post is about my favorite TV shows. I am a huge TV buff, I can watch for hours and hours. Ofcourse not Indian daily soaps with the usual saas-bahu drama. I really want someone to revamp the Indian Television. They are so slow plus there is no variety, same old drama. There should be some game shows, some good thrillers, some murder mystery shows..a mixture of all. But all we get is Uttran,KBC and ever so old CID. I used to really like Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Khichdi but they just don't make shows like that anymore. Someone please go abduct Ekta Kapoor ?

Till that happens, here is my list of favorite TV shows :


I know that was probably expected but I just love the show. I have watched the whole 10 seasons over and over again. I remember every line from every scene. Whenever I am feeling low, I start watching Friends and my mood picks up instantly. And ofcourse, no one cracks me up like Chandler. I mean could he be more awesome ? I did a post on him, here.

A very rare picture I found


This show is about four geek scientists and how they deal with the not so normal world in their eyes.One is lactose intolerant, one talks to imaginary ladies, one cannot talk to ladies until he's drunk and one doesnt even care if there are ladies around. And Dr Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parson), definitely is second in line after Chandler for me. Jim has done such a great job with his character. He's definitely my favourite actor on TV right now. He dressed as 'Doppler Effect' on halloween !
If you haven't watched it yet, I think Star World and Zee Cafe still run the old episodes, its worth a watch.


This show was about a upper class rich family, whose dynamics changes when their son marries a normal middle class girl. A great show with the right blend of actors and dialogues. I don't know why they didn't come up with another season. It definitely deserved one.


Based on the book with the same name, this show caused a rift when it first came out. No show on television had been so direct ever, which was surprisingly enough very positively received by the audience. I loved it for the friendship between the four girls. Men may come and men may go but friendships are forever. After six seasons and two movies, it still is my personal favorite.


Disclaimer : I am not into vampires, but they are just always so handsome and smart.
I literally have a feeling there are no vampires in this world because with all the girls running after them, they decided a mass suicide.
This show is about a normal girl, and two vampire brothers who are in love with her. Its not so easy actually, the plots make it look like a bollywood movie, there is a twist after every fifteen minutes and I guess that is what keeps you so interested in the show. You can never guess what happens next.
Not something I would recommend to a sane person, but its a good guilty pleasure.
(Look at both the guys, why wouldn't anyone want to watch them ?)


There were supposed to be only five shows on the list but it didnt seem fair to leave this one out. It is actually by the producers of Sex and the City but with a complete different take on the New York City. While SATC was about the rich and the fabulous women, this show is about girls living in New York who are not that lucky. Max and Caroline, work in a diner in the night and juggle numerous day jobs to make the rent. What I love about the show is the chemistry between the two girls and the positive attitude even when they are broke. I think it started airing on Star World finally, if you want to check it out.

Edit : Roshan reminded me of Modern Family which I totally forgot about. This is probably the best show on TV right now. Its about three very different but still connected families. The cast has great chemistry, even the small kids act so well. They have been winning Emmy since 3 consecutive years and they well deserved it. Its a MUST watch for every age. Don't blame me if you die laughing !

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  1. have u tried the following :-
    1. Modern Family: smart, consistently funny
    2. Cougar Town: no complications, straight out time pass fun
    3. 2 and a half men: well, its Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen
    4. Community: Highly underrated, I feel. Very smartly written sitcom.

    1. Ahhh, modern family ! How did I forget that one.

      I have bits of all of the other shows. You know when I made the initial list there were around 15 shows..had to cut down so much :p

  2. My fav besides some of the ones mentioned

    How I met ur mother....

    1. I have always compared it to Friends, may be thats why I could never like it so much. But I still watch it for Barney :P

  3. I simply LOVE Friends and Big Bang Theory!!
    Sheldon is my favouritest!! :D
    Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is super cool too... is this running on some channel still?? Which one??

    1. Its not Shilpa :(
      But you can find all the episodes on youtube !

      I favorite scenes are when Sheldon sings Soft Kitty :D

  4. Replies
    1. You are really into doctors, aren't you ? :P

  5. My Fav's would be
    1. FRIENDS
    2. The Big Bang Theory
    3. Prison Break
    4. How I Met Your Mother (Only B'coz of Barney and Robin)
    5. The Vampire Diaries
    6. Heroes
    7. Castle

    i guess thats it..

    1. I love watching Castle. Haven't watched the last one season though. Thanks for reminding, will definitely get back to it

      Have you watched White Collar ?

    2. yeah few episodes when it used to AIR on star world -- after i finish watching two and a half men -- now i know what to download next....

      Have You watched Prison Break?? its great ...

      P.S. :- i forgot to write #8 Burn Notice :)

    3. I haven't Prison Break yet but one of my friends keeps pestering me to watch it. I think I am going to start on it soon :)