The Mean Girls

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We have all met them at high school. Some loved them and some hated them. I sadly,was a part of it and even now I have no idea as to why !

'Mean Girls' is a group those girls who every girl wants to be like and every guy wants to be with. If they don't like you,they will make your life hell at school and far beyond that. There is always a 'Queen Bee' in the group or the head of the group who makes decisions for everything. These girls will sway away the teachers,get excellent grades and still manage to pull bitchy comments at you. There primary motto is to make everyone feel like they are their slaves. If you don't dress up good or wear something old fashioned you are in for a more bumpier ride.

You can join the group only when :
  • Good looking, good skin,good hairs (of course)
  • You at least have 6 boys going after you, and one of them is a senior 
  • You have an ability to think 'bitchy' really fast
  • You should be able to talk nicely to people on their face and insult them at their backs
  • Filthy rich parents so you can throw amazing parties and wear amazing clothes

Also once you join the group,never try to out do the Queen Bee or you might get kicked out. You should have a sisterly relation with the rest of the girls of the group but you can always bitch about them at their back. You are also allowed to spread gossip about all your 'sisters' no matter how dirty it is.
Also remember this friendship only extends till facebook,you can show all your fake love over statuses,upload lovey-dovey pictures with each other but you can never call any of them when you are in a problem,unless you post your problem on their facebook wall.

I am so glad I decided to be with my guy friends,who by the way don't gossip and don't want to know who's dating who. Its been years since I got out of school and they are all still there for me when I need them. Be it 2 in the night or 6 in the morning. Also,they dont care if I am wearing label-less clothes :D

Hope you all have a great day

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  1. he he :) never really had a mean girl club in my school so it is a stuff movies are made of. I am always more interested in the side kicks though that give the power to queen bee

    1. Haha
      Now when I think about it, it was really all so fun :D

  2. Cant comment , I guess its better to be a male then he he he he ooops please dont let any feminists see this comment .. its a joke :)


    1. hihi..I really like my guy friends more. They are so much more fun ! :D

  3. Have to admit.. there was a similar group in my school. Dunno bout girls but whole chunk of boys used to drool ovr them. I too had a crush on one such mean girl big time :D

    Good old days :)

    1. Hehehe
      I think almost everyone had one of those 'gangs' in school :P
      So did you get a chance with that mean girl ? :D

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