The Karmic Connection

By Saturday, August 25, 2012 ,

My grandfather used to tell me how this world is one big circle, what you give is what you get. You can take shortcuts in life, cheat some or get past some but you can never escape the inevitable. Many people believe its just a notion to let the good over power the bad in people, but I truly believe in it. You can do what you can but you can't run away from you karma.

Now, I am not just stating this randomly, I state this from experience. Till the time I was in school, I was really mean to people (REALLY mean). I would say the first thing that would strike my mind, I didn't care how people perceived me. I thought if they couldn't handle the truth that was their problem not mine. I remember humiliating girls because I didn't like the way they dressed. I would go up and pick fights with others just because my day was getting boring.

And if anyone tried to go up against me, I would do my best to make their life miserable. I tried everything to make them repent it. I quite clearly remember this one time I screamed at a girl so badly, she started crying  and I started screaming even more because I thought she was pretending.
In my defense, I would only get angry when people provoked me but still I did not have the right to misbehave with them.

Someone very intelligent once said, you pay for your mistakes sooner or later. All the things I did, came running back to me. Let's just say the repercussions were far worse than I could imagine.But I am glad I suffered for everything because that made me learn a huge lesson in life. I learned to control my anger, I have been nicer to people. In fact now when I meet my school friends they always tell me how much I have changed since then (Okay, may be it's a little insulting but I don't care ;) )

When was the last time you had to pay for your bad behavior ? ( I know you remember it ! :D )

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  1. I agree karma always comes back in one way or the other. And it is not only the bad behavior. The good behavior also pays off.

    1. So true Jas !

      I am just hoping my good behavior pays off soon ;)

  2. True. Fate catches up with us. Some day or the other.

  3. Karma's law of equal and opposite rxn. :P

  4. I am kind of on the recieving too right now ;)
    But I am still trying my best to control myself and wait their karma to blast in their faces :P