The Hate Mail

By Sunday, August 05, 2012 ,

I started writing to get out all that hatred and frustration I had inside. I had this habit of scribbling on piles of paper and then burning it down. I know its stupid but the feeling you get when you see that paper tearing down in flames cannot be explained in words. Though it took me a while to understand why I really destroyed those papers,it was pretty simple- I was afraid.

Afraid to face my own feelings,afraid to confront any one else about it. I have always been weak at speaking about important stuff or rather confronting people. And so I try my best to avoid it. I was always the one who got convinced fast. If my sister likes something as much as I do,she takes it,because I always let her. I am not a fighter and its not such a fresh news to people around me.

But then I decided to create this blog,yes I am still hiding it from a lot of people but there is hope. I have hope that someday I will be proud to show this and all my writings. For now,its my secret place where I whine about everything in my life.

I was writing a hate mail to someone but half way through I realized I was old enough to be above all of this. I have to bring the change in me I promised myself.  So pretty-eyed guy I don't hate and I will forgive you for everything you did and everything you will do in the future. Let's just hope I don't get down to write any more hate mails for you.

Hope you all had a great weekend (I had an amazing one)

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  1. NO MAN NO. i really think now, we are somehow connected. because, even i do the same thing. i cant confront anyone. i let people do whatever they want instead. thats easy as well. but i think i hate too many ppl because of that. and its fun :D
    and same thing with my blog. even i think someday it will make me proud!

    1. I had to let the hate go away,it was getting the better of me. I have forgiven but forgetting is the difficult part I guess

  2. Cute picture and I hope the hate mail makes that pretty eyed guy a little more empathatic :)

  3. I do the same paper burning stuff, Ritika. I will feel so much relieved after that, don't know y :P
    Happy blogging :)