Rediscovering Ganga

By Monday, August 06, 2012 ,

My weekend in pictures

These pictures are from the Ganga bank in Bithoor,near Kanpur. The condition is bad,just like everywhere else. Water is almost all muddy but there is still something about it which makes the whole experience divine.

PS: I am a not so great photographer with a not so great camera,please bear :D

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  1. Well to be true u r not that proficient photographer(as compared to your writing skills) but ur pics are good in sense to let ppl like me who nvr went to Bithoor to know abt the place and Ganga....

    1. Haha !
      I have officially accepted I can never be a good cook or a good photographer :D

    2. So u like to eat out in every inch of Indore's hotspots and u r a bad cook.... Well thanks for sharing such a grand secret... Now i think ur cooking mst be better than ur clicks, Jst kidding :)

  2. that seems to be some religious cum tourist spot...