The Deadly Pani Puri's

By Sunday, July 22, 2012 , ,

I hate being sick,I hate the feeling of asking everyone for help and especially cutting down on all the 'oh-so-yummy' fried and spicy food. I have always believed the plain ghee-less food was only made to punish people. Nothing can uplift my mood like an 'aloo parantha' .

I get throat infections a lot,usually because of unfiltered water which usually comes from my pani puri en devours from different stalls. I thought I had one of the best pani puris of my life yesterday,until 2 hours later my throat started closing. And then the usual cold and fever followed. Just in time to ruin my Sunday and the sale season. I can never have those pani puri's made from filtered/RO water. It just does not taste good,or rather they are taste less. I dont like making the pani puris myself. I want a guy at a corner of the street to make them for me with his probably filthy never washed hands. Its about the whole experience !

There is nothing that can take the place of pani puris in my life. There are things that always keep you grounded,that remind you of your older days and I think the pani puris are one of them. I have so many memories related to them. 

  • Walking a mile with my sister just to get to the yummiest stall. 
  • There was this one time I was going to a party all dressed up when I saw a stall,I stopped right there and ate hundreds of them and spoiled my dress :\
  • Eating pani puris with him,he can never eat those. They are too spicy for him,the moment he eats them he starts choking and his eyes go all red. Its so fun to watch (Yes,I am a bit of a sadist)

They will always have a special place in my heart.
I hereby declare no amount of throat infections will ever take me away from them.
You my dear are my eternal love. Forever and ever. :D

This is a picture which I think everyone can totally relate to,its from an amazing artist Alicia Souza

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  1. Get well soon girl. You are reiterating the fact my husband keeps saying.

    1. haha.
      Trying to recover,but this rain and cold weather-not helping :(

  2. geee- i share the same thing for pani-puris; the stall one's- the ones not made with filtered water- the one's made with filthy hands and on the busy corner :) yup no amount of throat infections is goona ruin my love . u do take care ritika

    1. Yesss Yessss..the love continues forever :D

  3. Read this and really loved it :)

    I've added you as a recipient of Liebster Award.

    Here's the link:

    Enjoy yourself! :)

  4. Well written.. and great caricature/comic strip by Alicia. Thanks for introducing her page here.

    Btw... do you follow garbagebin ( His comic strips are super awesome too :-)...and super duper funny.

    1. I didntt follow them before,but I just saw and this guy is a genius. The comic strips are all so funny

    2. Totally! Mein tho.. am a big fan .. of the guddu and gang series. It's a total laugh riot.