The Great Indian Sibling Rivalry

By Tuesday, July 17, 2012 , ,

There is always a love-hate relationship between siblings. Sometimes love takes over hate and sometime hate does.

What I believe is ,the rivalry begins when the age difference is less.
Now I love my sister to the core and I will take down anyone who tries to harm her in any way but there has always been a competition between us. We always fight. Why ? Because we always want the same things. If I want a red jeans in a store,she will get the exact same one. And well,vice versa.

I think this is very natural in siblings, especially when they have a very narrow difference in their ages. They have been brought up in the same way and hence they have a very similar view over things. Younger siblings always want to be like the older one. Older ones always want to outdo the younger. I do not blame the parents here,not even pinch. Our parents always make sure they don't do anything biased in any way. But it is the society which does that. The unending number of aunts asking numerous questions from clothes to marriage. I have not been to a single family function where none of my aunts compared who looks better between me and my my sister. Obviously it does not bother us,but nobody likes criticism.

Today,me and my sister are both in different cities but we still find our way to fight. There was a time when we fought for our favorite toys and now we fight for our favorite heels. She is younger than me, and taller than me. But whatever, I am the smart one (Yes,I like to believe that :D)

That's me on the left and my sister on the right. By the way,it was MY birthday !

Have a goodday !

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  1. lol- the last pic sums it up :) u couldn't have penned it better gal. can relate to this as my younger sis and me were thick as thieves but would fight like there is no tomorrow (still do that). can't live without them as much as can't live with them :P

  2. Such a cute pic.. she is so happy and you are ... :) It reminded me of my fights with my bro.

  3. whats life sans sibling fights..good post boss

  4. Whoa... Your bday and your sis got to cut the cake!

    Really well written btw. This took me back in time.. to the innumerable fights with my sis while growing up. We would patch up super quick too...and this still happens sometimes (albeit less frequently), even though we are in two different continents aajkal :-).

    Guess sibling rivalry is something that lasts a really long time (if not forever).

    1. SO true. Me and my sister fight even on Skype.
      And I have a feeling it is going to last for a long long time

    2. You bet it will go on for a long long time. My sister is older by seven years but shorter than me and so would wear the heels even before she changed her clothes when we went out! And today both of us are grandmas and we still find ways to fight :D

    3. I have a feeling both of us are going to be in the same situation as you :/