Baraf ka Gola and other things

By Tuesday, May 01, 2012 ,

There will always be this one thing we are too old to do .
And that is when it dawns on us, and we realize we literally wasted all the years before us.
What I want to do? I want to go into a gaming zone and play those arcade games forever ,without getting any weird stares from 10 year old kids . I don’t play for free ,I paid like you did ,you stupid silly kid . You are just jealous of me because I can defeat you in the bike riding game just so easily. My favorite is the one which has a jaw like thing and you can pick up any soft toy or chocolate from the machine. It’s not my fault there were no gaming zones around when I was small, don’t I deserve my share of happiness? The happiness I get when I defeat a 12 year old boy in a game where you have to shoot balls in a basket. I like to believe it’s pure basketball, where you just don’t have to run, it’s a waste of time anyway
I want to go on all the roller coaster rides and shout my lungs out without being stared by parents  . Who takes small kids to such dangerous rides anyways ? I want to own a cotton candy maker and a ‘baraf ka gola’ maker (snow cone maker ) . I want to get a balloon every time I visit Mc Donald’s without asking (Yes ,I ask EVERYTIME)
When I was a kid I was so uptight ,I was one of the toppers  in the class . I wanted everything to be perfect . I though all these kid stuff was immature people ,I was mature enough to not do them .  I would sit home and complete my assignments rather than going out and playing. But its now do I realize how much I missed on those stuff . But then again it’s never too late to go crazy ,I will do what I want to do and you can judge me as much as you want because at the end of the day I will be having a ‘kaala khatta baraf ka gola’ and you wont !

Here is the song by Fun I am in complete love with these days

What are the things you think you are too old to do ?

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  1. ‘kaala khatta baraf ka gola’ : wow..u should try that opp mumbai VT rail station yar..i used to have it in the 90s dunno whether still der but,,oooff super..haha...and friend thanks for passing by..cheers n wishes

  2. I have not been to Mumbai ,now I know exactly where to go when I go ;)

  3. You know what? If I have learned something in my 40 plus years is that people do not think about us as much as we think that they do ;-)
    So, to hell with others, just go out and njoy doing what you enjoy :D

    1. Seriously...I never thought about it that way . I mean really people do not think about us as much as we think !

      I had a heart-shaped 'baraf ka gola' day everrrrrrr :D