Thou Shalt Control Thy Anger

By Saturday, May 12, 2012 , ,

I have a temper issue and I am not afraid to accept it

You try to get on my nerves and I will show you what kind of bit*h I can be. Now of course it’s not something to be proud of. I have felt ashamed, lost people I cared about and have had really bad consequences. When I get angry the only thing on my mind is my anger and it gets really tough to evaluate things. It takes me about an hour to cool off and that is when I realize what horrible mistakes I did.

As much as I have tried over the years to control it, it backfired. I tried to take all the anger inside which lead to disastrous stuff. All I can say is, if you have an anger issue like me, it is always better to take it out that to carry all your load inside. It makes you a horrible horrible person. You keep piling up the anger inside you and that will eventually lead to hate and jealousy. You don’t realize the actual person who is at fault here is only you. If you could only stand up and say what you really feel, things would be so much easy.

I had a bad fight with my mom and my sister and I made them cry and I don’t think I have felt this worst ever before. So at this very point I have decided that I am going to go past my anger and try to be a better person .Ego and anger are two things that can destroy a man’s entire life and I think I have taken a huge step by realizing that.

I hope I stand by it. 

Have you had anger issues ? How did you deal with it ?

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  1. Try writing :-)

  2. I can so very understand this! We have a friend and who gets angry/disturbed at the drop of a hat and we have this dialogue for him, when we see him all flaring up, Control, Majnu Control!!" A dialogue from Welcome movie!! And it sure lightens him up! Not a long term solution, I know... but!

    1. It does certainly help ;)
      I have decided this time I am going to fight against the anger and not let it affect me in any way

  3. Maybe rewarding yourself whenever you handle your anger positively would help?

    I have also heard physical activity helps, like walking, running or even buying a punching bag? Writing down how you feel, like another commenter said above, also is a good idea. My best wishes.

    1. That was the whole idea of starting this blog :)
      And you know it has really helped it,I feel more free and confident.

      And rewarding does sound like a nice idea ,may be a chocolate everytime I handle my anger positively ;)

  4. nice post ritika!!