More Turkey Mr Chandler ?

By Friday, May 11, 2012 ,

Chandler Bing ! My ever so favourite fictional character . I have watched each of the Friends episodes for like eight million times and still I never get bored . Chandler never fails to crack me up . He can bring a huge smile on my face in just 5 minutes .
For those of you who don’t know ,Chandler was one of the six main characters on the ever so legendary ‘Friends’ . He was known mainly for his witty and insulting humour ,but I still love him so much. I mean could he BE more amazing ,they even named a search engine after him ( the BING ) ;-)

 He had a father who became a ‘lady’ and worked at a burlesque called ‘Viva Las Gagas’ in Las Vegas . He hated thanksgiving  because Thanksgiving was the day his dad chose to tell him..well that he liked their butler more than his mom :/

I really think Mathew Perry did a commendable job with his character , he was in a way playing himself . Whenever I see his interviews now ,I always see that glimpse of Chandler in him . He’s just such an amazing actor . He might not say a word but he will still crack you up like crazy

Chandler : But this one is free, right???? Because you paid for the first two.. so the third one’s free :D

There are just so many of them that I will certainly run out of space. This post goes as a homage to Chandler ,my way of saying thank you for always making me feel better . And making my life look less miserable :D

By the way did you know Justin Bieber always checks in hotels by the name ‘Chandler Bing’ =)

This is a video with some of Chandler’s funniest moments that I just had to share !
It's not allowing me to embed the video here ,so just sharing in the link

Hope you all had a great day

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  1. The only male on-screen character I have an endless crush on is Chandler! LoL on the Manny bit :P Thanks for dropping by my blog! Do be there around often :)

    1. I just adore him . Do you remember that episode where he wore a pink bunny costume ? I just couldnt stop laughing the whole time :D

      And yup,we'll be in touch :)

  2. He was gawky yet geeky and very funny. I loved Chandler's character.

    1. Me too . I actually never thought he could find a girl who would tolerate his sense of humour ;)