Light up ,Light up

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When the darkness has filled you completely, a small ray is hope is enough to survive.
When things have turned so bad that nothing more worse can happen ,then just stand up and smile because it can only get better from here’ .

I am a control freak and I cannot handle it when things and situations get out f control . There are things you can mend but there is other stuff which you just have to get through no matter what. My father once told me, life is a circle, there will be ups and there will be downs . You have to make most of it in every situation. Everything in this world comes with a price ,a price with hard work written on it.

And there is nothing that can be exchanged with any amount of hard work . When you want to achieve something you have to keep moving until you finally achieve it . I am in my early 20’s, and I have a lot of dreams. I don’t know if my dreams will come true or not ,but I know one thing I am going to work my a**  of for it . Because at the end of the day we get what we deserve, nothing less and nothing more
There are times when I don’t think all this is even remotely possible, that my dreams are just too big to come true ,or  too stupid to be really honest . But no, I am never going to give up on them, no matter what happens . More than making any one else proud, I want to be proud of myself. My dad is a self-made man , my grandparents were both teachers and teachers were not really paid that well in India in the 60s and 70s . They still made sure they educated all of their kids well and equally . Today, my dad and my uncle are both big shot engineers in huge companies ,both of my aunts have their PhD’s . If my dad wanted he could send me to any college I wanted with donation ,but he always made it clear ,I can only go where I deserve to go . If I want to go somewhere else , I would have to work for it . 

I have set my goals ,and I look at them every day to force me to work for it . 

This is a song by Snow Patrol that never misses to motivate me

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  1. Keep dreaming and never lose focus and have fun on the way!
    Thanks for visiting my page and do keep coming back :-)

    1. I promise I will never stop dreaming :)

      Will be in touch :)