You can call me a bi**h...

By Friday, April 27, 2012 , ,

..I have the right shoes for it

We as humans are not perfect in any way ,we make mistakes sometimes (In my case ALL the time) . You know how in movies there is always a good guy and a bad guy . Now imagine if there were no villains at all, it wouldn’t be that fun . How would the good guy become a ‘hero’ and impress the girl without fighting with the villain ?

What I am trying to say here is we all are in some way the good guys or the villains ,and I think God certainly sent me to be a bit*h. No matter how much I try ,I always end up being the bad person ,even if I try to do the right thing.Whenever my friends hear the word ‘fight’ anywhere ,they turn around and yell ‘What did you do now’ :/ . Okay sometimes it is my fault ,there are times when I actually get bored because there is no body to fight . But sometimes it honestly isn’t my fault . Being taken as a bad person is something I never asked for ,how can you judge me when you did not even talk to me for more than five minutes . This is plain simple ridiculous . But at the same time I feel I should not be bothered. I would rather speak the truth than sugar coat it with lies. Its worthless to care about how you are being perceived by other people ,just because someone does not like me for who I am ,doesn’t mean I should change myself for anyone . I have certain principles in life and even if the world turns upside down ,I will still to them no matter what.
As you could have guessed ,I am not really good at getting along with people . Making new friends is probably one of the toughest tasks for me . Infact I once googled ‘How to make new friends’ K .Some of my closest friends are the ones I have known since I was in third standard . People take me as rude because I don’t really like going up to random people and start talking . I  think I am probably the most hated person where I live . I don’t want to strike a small conversation with you in the elevator ,why don’t you freaking get it ?

Now I don’t like being hated ,nobody likes being hated but if I have to pretend to like the people I don’t even care about then I had rather be hated . I just wish people could realize I am not rude ,I am just an introvert . But when has this ‘zaalim duniya’ ever been understanding ?

Hope you all had a good day


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  1. hi..thanks ya...and totally agree.. v dont have to fake love to attract love..plastic smiles r as dangerous as snake bites...hey good to be here..stay connected...wishes..

    1. plastic smiles are definitely the worse!

      Good to see you too :)

  2. chill ! take a dew !

  3. I'd just say, People are not bad, their qualities are. Everyone person, has something good in them. (Even Osamsa Bin Laden had something good in him). One can only work upon their bad points. But certainly, one can't be deemed as a "bad" person.
    I know exactly what you want to say (I am also an introvert.). I fell sorry for your friends who think that way.
    All the best!! :-)

    First time here,

    1. I know what you mean ..this is just my way of feeling better about everything :D

      Great to have you here Ritvik :)

  4. You actually shouldn't be bothered about what others think. If u know you are correct, then just care a heck for the others! Good luck dear. Stay happy.

    1. You are absolutely right ,Ishita :)

      Thanks for visiting :)