Because Life Is Strange At Times

By Monday, April 23, 2012 , ,

Because eating pani puris is the only thing in the world that lifts up your mood

Because you want bangs like Jessie J and yet you cant even carry off a side bang

Because you listen to Adele just hoping you would to become a millionaire out of your miseries

Because people call you boring just because you don’t drink or smoke

Because just when you think of watching the entire Friends series ,all the videos go corrupt

Because you don’t understand how Ricky Martin and Matt Bomer become gay 

Because people don't understand bringing others down does not make them any better

Because you are too scared to follow your dream ,too scared to try

Because you are average at everything ,just average . And just not good enough

Because you suck at writing and still you cant stop yourself

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  1. Because you so meticulously replicate feelings and thoughts into words and still you are unaware of it :)...
    I agree Life is strange... totally strange, but as a matter of fact we only make it strange

    Nice post...

    1. Awww..thanks :)
      I agree we are the ones who actually make it strange..

      Great to have you here. Stay in touch :)