Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

By Friday, July 10, 2015

For someone who survives on McDonalds, Cheese Bursts and Chilli garlic noodles, I have never really thought about diet.  I do believe in workout, which also I never do. Wait, does walking your dog count as a workout?

I think it counts and I am going to stick to my decision. But dieting is something that I never took in consideration, probably because I do not believe in it. I believe in eating your heart out because life is too short for diet. 

Of course, I am saying that so proudly because I never really gain too much weight. May be a little, but I have never been fatty fat no matter how much I ate. All thanks to my gene pool and my amazing family who have always been slim for some reason.  

I have always associated diets with something derogatory and pathetic. For me, diets are something that you do forcefully when you do not like how you look. First of all, you should always be comfortable with how you look. Most of the people start dieting because others tell them that they have gained weight. 

Here’s my advice – do it because you want to do, not because some random person says you are fat or because your best friend has started dieting and you are too worried that she will look like a supermodel in a month while you would still be overweight.

Try and understand that looks and weight are all subjective and temporary. The most successful people in the world are the ones who do their thing and not care about how the world perceives them. 
But me going on and on about the bad effects of dieting doesn't mean you shouldn't eat healthy. Of course, my junk food cravings have given me some nightmares along the way. Once in every six months I get such a bad case of food poisoning that I cannot even keep down water. Every few months my teeth pain severely but I still don’t go to a dentist because I know what he is going to say (We can keep that story for another time)

My dad says you realize the importance of eating healthy once you have crossed 40 and it's already late by then. He incorporated the honey diet into his routine a few years back when my grandfather had a heart attack and my dad’s blood pressure started shooting up. Though his reason was having honey in his tea every day was to look himself look healthy despite his chain smoking.

 But there is no denying a little change with honey had made a lot of difference for him. He feels better and he feels healthier now. 

Change your life by going with the honey diet – a sweeter alternative by Dabur Honey 

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