Places to Eat in Indore

By Saturday, April 04, 2015

If you ever ask me, Indore is the food capital of India. There might be more variety in Mumbai but Indore has a better quality. Mumbai has the best pav bhaji and ragda puri but that's all, there is nothing else so special that would make me come back and want it ( PS - Goa has vodka pani puri)

When people ask me what are the must see places in Indore, I tell them Indore is not the kind of place where you roam around, it is the kind of place where you eat your heart out. So here is my list of the must eat places in Indore, hope you like it as much as I do.

     1.  Gurukripa

This restaurant near Indore Railway Station is one of the most iconic restaurants of the city. If you have been to Indore and not been to this very restaurant then you are missing something in your life. The food is super cheap with super quick delivery and huge waiting lines. I know some people don't like it because of hygiene reasons but come on, this is India ! If its good food, its supposed to be unhygienic.

My tip : Avoid the rush hours and go in a small group to get a table quick. Also, don't forget to have the veg lollipops here.


      2. Sarafa :

This place is like the Chandani Chowk of Indore. After 10pm all the gold jewellery shops get closed down and food stalls are opened in front of them. These stalls give out such amazing food that you would be cursing yourself for not leaving in Indore. From large plate sized jalebis to aloo tikkis topped off with sev, this night food bazar is more than just a midnight snack point. This is a heaven for foodies around the country.

My tip : Do try the sabu dana khichdi and Aloo tikka. Everything is really heavy here so if you are going for the first time and you want to taste all the things in the market then you need to try only a small quantity of everything. Also, DO NOT forget to have faluda kulfi

      3.  Johny hot dog :

One of the favourite places to be ‘56 dukaan’. For those of you who have never been to Indore 56 dukaan is an array of a total of 56 food shops one after the other that offer the best food this city has to offer. Ofcourse it started with 56 shops and now I think the number has doubled but we still call it 56, because well, I don’t know. May be because that name is on maps and everything.
Anyways, this shop has the best hot dogs you will ever find – vegetarian, egg and mutton.

My tip : Try the benjo – which is actually vada pav but instead of vada they give you egg. Its something you will only find in Indore.

        4. Apna sweets :

Whoever you are, wherever you live I am sure you must have heard that Indore is famous for its poha and this is the place that serves the best poha in town, well according to me. ‘The best poha in Indore’ is a very debatable topic and it is my sincere advice to never bring it up in front of other Indoris.

My tip : They serve dal bati churma only on Sundays  between 12-2pm . Be there and you will bless me for the rest of your life

  1. Lantern Square Kachori :
There is small stall near the Lantern Square  in Palasia which serves amazingly hot aloo kachoris. Honestly I had never heard about aloo kachori before I moved to Indore but I am so glad I finally got to eat them. They are the best thing anyone could ever come up with

My tip : Go early in the morning to get fresh kachoris and to beat the rush

  1. Shuga Daddy :
This place ‘used’ to have the best cupcakes in town. I don’t know what happened but they closed down a few months back and that was probably the saddest day of my life. Their cupcakes were like little pieces of heaven and I will probably miss them for the rest of my life. Here is hoping they open back again

Hope you have a good weekend

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  1. Gosh ritikkaaa.. its 2:50 am and I can't sleep with all that food in my in my head and water in my mouth.. :|
    Sometimes I wish, bombay was mini Indore, u know food wise :D

  2. I loved the post Ritika. I have never been to Indore, but if I am there soon, these joints will be up on my "must visit" places. I love travelling and trying out the flavours of the new place is must for me :)

  3. Wow !! Though I have spent all my life on Indore streets, I am aware of all this places, but
    Whenever I read "Eating joints/points in Indore" or Eating habits in Indore, I gets excited and even If I am content with food, there is a small place left my stomach for any indori food item !!

    Bhavnaon me bah gaya thoda, anyways, nice compilation !!

  4. And now I am hungry... :(

  5. Ritika,

    I saw your post in Indiblogger. Can you get me miore details? This is Katie from Chennai Focus.


    1. Hi Katie

      Email me or send me your email address :)

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