International Day Of Happpiness

By Saturday, March 21, 2015

For me, the most overrated thing in this world is happiness. We keep trying to find it in the bigger things in life when it’s actually hidden in the smaller things in life. Happiness is that moment of intense joy when you forget all the other problems in this world and get that smile on your face no matter what.

For some, happiness might come from more money or a better career but for someone like me, happiness just comes from some frozen yoghurt with jujube toppings on the top. Maybe I would get a little extra happier if the store guys add  strawberries to it but that is variable and I could do without it.
Sometimes in our mind, we set an idea of what could make us happy and we define it just like. We forget about the things we want, about the little things that actually make us happy and just set our minds to the things that we think would make us happy. Things that look good, in theory, can’t always manage to make us happy in the real life. That’s why it gets necessary to always discover our inner soul and be honest to ourselves. To make sure that we are only fooling the world around and not ourselves.
And about the things that make me happy, I could say they are pretty simple and straight forward. My favourite burger at McDonald’s with fries on the side and some coke is my definition happiness. Also, going to Forever 21 and trying a trillion clothes just adds up to the joy. I like getting those water bubble guns and making the entire place soapy with the bubble residue.
And the one thing that really makes me happy is travelling. Nothing can beat the feeling of having your feet drenched in the sea water or soaking the sun on the beach wearing cheap sunglasses which don’t look cheap at all. Or maybe going to the mountains and falling in love with the snow. Making it a part of you and promising to come back as soon as possible. The deep blue sky which you just cannot get out of your mind.
But the most important thing that makes me happy is writing. Getting my thoughts out and sharing it with the rest of the world no matter how difficult it might be.

 What makes me happy is to not know what the future has in store for me and just letting myself be. So whoever you are and wherever you want to be, just go for it and follow your happiness because you never know when that door closes on you. You have to get in before it’s too soon.

This post is a part of #IamHappy International Day Of Happiness By Coca Cola

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