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By Saturday, March 28, 2015

Travelling is good for the soul, especially for me. Nothing makes me more happier than going to new places and discovering new cultures, and ofcourse the amazing local cuisines. While I am still planning my next travel to the mountains, I wanted to share my last trip to Goa which was filled with sunny beaches and too many cocktails.

Snippets from my Goa Trip

I always have this habit of booking my hotels for the trip well in advance online. This is because that is way cheaper than booking on the spot at the very same day. (The boutique hotel I booked was originally priced 4800 INR but after getting a deal on it through coupon code I booked it for just 1300 INR ! ) I know a few people who still believe online booking is a scam but take it from someone who has only booked her hotels and flights online since the last 2 years, I have never faced an issue. These travel websites are way more concerned about their reputation and they would never let anything happen to tarnish it. Just a little tip always check that hotel’s reviews on Tripadvisor before booking it and compares its prices on different websites before finalizing.

The website that is my favourite for booking hotels is Goibibo, firstly because they have a great interface and secondly because they have amazing discounts. Ofcourse most websites don’t explicitly mention all the discounts they give in and that why you need 27coupons. This deals website is the Holy Grail you will ever need to book you hotels online. It has details of all the discounts in a single page with the expiry date of each coupon code. All you need to do is see which coupon best suits your requirement – whether you want a 100% cashback on your payment or you need a 50% discount on your hotel bookings.

Applying the coupon code is easy, you just need to copy it from 27coupons and paste it on the site you are booking your hotel from.

You can check out the deals for Goibibo here

Points to take into consideration while booking your hotel online

  •  Always check the latest reviews on Tripadvisor
  • ·Never pay the full price, NEVER! There is always some deal hidden and you can find them here
  • Always choose discounts over cashbacks, because cashbacks limit you to that website plus they have several other rules and restrictions for using those cashbacks
  • Call up the hotel before booking just to be sure. Also call them up again 2 days before the trip just to confirm your booking and to avoid any confusions when you checkin
  • If a hotel is priced a bit more than the other but they provide free pick up and transfer from the airport then always choose the later because taxis to the airport will be way more expensive

This is a sponsored post for 27coupons

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  1. This is a nice article, but I have had a bad experience with After booking and paying for the long weekend stay, upon reaching I realised that, it was never booked in the given hotel and being a long weekend, they couldnt even find a replacement stay. Had a very bad experience. Hence have stopped booking with GoIbibo. One mistake I did, which I would always do, is to call before going, which I missed on this trip. But this is not expected from them after taking in the full amount from the customer.

  2. I really find your Blog interesting. Informative Stuff, keep going!